Salzburg's happened. What's next?

Brexit's only got messier over the last few days.

The UK government's been in intense negotiations with other Member States of the EU in a summit in Salzburg, and come out the other side with a result that the Guardian branded "humiliation", Reuters called "sandbagging", and The Independent said left Theresa May's Brexit plans "in shreds".

It's clearer now than ever before that the people deserve a final say on the terms of the deal we reach with the European Union, and throughout next week we're out campaigning to get a People's Vote - will you join us?

Tube station campaigning

From Monday to Thursday next week, we'll be out at Tube stations across the borough talking to commuters about the impacts of Brexit and how they can join our calls for a vote on the final deal. We're planning on attending a number of stations, but we can only do this with your help - can you commit some of your time in the evenings? You're free to attend for as long or as little as you like, for one of the days or for all of them - and it doesn't matter if you're coming later from work.

We hope to have volunteers out campaigning at Acton Town, Ealing Broadway, Northfields and Boston Manor stations - click on your station or below to sign up:

I'll help out at my local station next week

National day of action

As well as tube campaigning in the week, we'll be joining the People's Vote National Day of Action on Saturday 29th September from 11am to 1pm in Ealing Broadway too. We're going to be talking to people outside Ealing Broadway Shopping Centre about Brexit and its dangers, as well as leafleting people and gathering signatures for the petition for a People's Vote on the final deal.

Will you help us out? Even if it's just half an hour, every volunteer really helps us move closer to a People's Vote.

I'll volunteer on the Day of Action


If you can't attend any of the events of next week, don't worry - there'll be plenty more. Register as a volunteer so we can let you know when the next ones come along.