Ealing Demands a People's Vote
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Brexit is a mess and it is ordinary people up and down the country that stand to lose the most.


“With only seven months to go before the UK is set to leave the EU, planning by the council to handle any harmful effects of Brexit are still hampered by uncertainty over what the Brexit deal will be and the real threat of a no-deal Brexit.


Ealing is greatly affected by Brexit for a number of reasons, including its west London location, reliance on Heathrow, our local economy built on numerous multinational businesses accessing European markets and our demographic mix as one of the most European boroughs in London.”


Julian Bell, leader of Ealing Council in 2018


In Ealing, EU nationals – a large number of whom have contributed to our community for decades – face uncertain futures, our hospitals are under threat, and local businesses (including Heathrow) stand to lose out. After almost three years of the government failing to deliver, all the signs point towards a Brexit that will hugely detrimental to Ealing.


A disastrous no-deal Brexit is looming, as politicians prove incapable of decisive action.


The only way to unblock the legislative jam and put a stop to this mess is to give the decision back to the people.

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Whichever way you voted two years ago, nobody voted to be poorer or to give up control. Brexit campaigners promised we would continue to enjoy ‘the exact same benefits’ of being in the EU, while ‘taking back control’. But we now know these promises will be broken – not because the Government won’t keep them - but because they can’t be kept. Instead, the current Brexit trajectory delivers the exact opposite of what was promised: the UK would lose all its rights as an EU member – with less trade, fewer opportunities and lower living standards – while suffering the biggest loss of sovereignty, prosperity and control in British history.


That’s why we, the undersigned, call for Parliament to act in the national interest and demand a People’s Vote.

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