Pro-Europeans in Ealing unite, form Ealing European Movement
28 Aug, 2018

Ealing, London - Pro-European activists in Ealing will officially launch the Ealing branch of the European Movement UK, partaking in the Summer of Action against Brexit, at their stall at the Brentford Festival in Blondin Park on the first Sunday in September. The group, which had been campaigning in an informal manner for some time, elected its executive and agreed to a formal Constitution at their inaugural meeting three weeks ago, declaring their mission statement to be “Campaigning in Ealing and the surrounding area for the UK’s place in a united and integrated Europe”.

The European Movement UK, the organisation in the UK that campaigns for European integration, has a long and proud tradition of European advocacy, beginning in 1948 with the founding of European Movement International, of which Winston Churchill was an honorary president. The Ealing European Movement will continue this, campaigning across Ealing not only for a People's Vote on the final Brexit deal with an option to remain in the EU, but for a united and democratic Europe in a world-leading Union.

Corinne Firkett, the chair of the Ealing European Movement, said "This is a great opportunity for Ealing's residents to really get involved with the debate in this country over a referendum on the terms of the deal we reach with the EU - and this of course includes the 55,000-odd EU citizens living and working in Ealing who couldn't vote in the Brexit referendum. We strongly believe that a referendum on the terms of the deal is not only the right thing to do, but it's imperative that the Government give the people a meaningful say on the deal that we reach.”

Ealing voted just over 60% to remain in the European Union, and Ealing Council has officially backed the European Movement's calls for a People's Vote on the final deal.

Journalists and the public alike are invited to join the Ealing European Movement's launch at Brentford Festival Stall C4 in Blondin Park, Northfields, on the 2nd September from 12pm to 6pm. A free bus service will be running to give people easy access to the event - see for more information. The Ealing European Movement will be continuing its campaigning over the weeks after the launch, and will be attending the March for the Future in Central London on the 20th October - more information is available on the People's Vote website at under "Summer of Action" (

Notes to editors – Organisation information
The Ealing European Movement is an independent organisation that campaigns in Ealing and the surrounding area for the UK’s place in a united and integrated Europe. It is part of the European Movement UK, who are in turn a member of the European Movement International. The key aims of the Ealing European Movement are to defend and promote the values of the European Union, to campaign for the UK’s membership of the European Union, to advocate European integration in the UK, to advocate reforms of the European Union internationally, and to inform and educate on the functioning of the European Union.

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