Campaigning in Ealing and the surrounding area for the UK’s place in a united and integrated Europe

The Ealing European Movement was established as an organisation on the 31st July 2018 with the passage of its Constitution and election of the Executive. We are a branch of the European Movement UK, who are in turn a member organisation of the European Movement International.

Our aims are as outlined below:

  • To defend and promote the values of the European Union;
  • To campaign for the UK’s membership of the European Union;
  • To advocate European integration in the UK;
  • To advocate reforms of the European Union internationally;
  • To inform and educate on the functioning of the European Union;
  • To defend and uphold the Core Values of the European Movement of the United Kingdom;
  • To further the aims and objectives of the European Movement by undertaking relevant activities.

You can download a copy of our constitution here.